Cinderblock The Morbidly Obese Cat Blatantly Refuses To Use A Treadmill & Honestly, Same

cat on treadmill

Move over Grumpy Cat, because Morbidly Obese Lazy Cat is my new feline icon.

A morbidly obese cat named Cinderblock has gone viral after footage of her utter refusal to exercise was shared online. The video, entitled “Cat Unsure of Underwater Workout” has gone viral almost instantly, receiving more than 390,000 views so far.

The large grey cat, who is a bit of a chunky girl, has been put on an exercise regime to lose some weight, but she’s not so fond of the idea. Her vet put her on an underwater treadmill for bit of much-needed cardio, but Cinderblock wasn’t having it.

In a clip uploaded by her veterinarian, Cinderblock uses the bare-minimum amount of energy while on the treadmill, only using one paw while remaining mostly stationary. Honestly, what a mood.

The video depicts the feline sitting in a few centimetres of water with the running treadmill underneath her.

“You working out?” The vet asks the cat, who unenthusiastically meows back in response. “That’s good work.”

The video’s description gives a bit of background information on Cinderblock and her condition.

“This video shows a cat who was relinquished to me by her owner,” the veterinarian wrote. “Cinder, the cat, also known as Cinder-block, is a morbidly obese cat who is now on a weight reduction program, which includes an underwater treadmill.”

Although we don’t know why Cinder was surrenders, we do know that the very Garfield-esque kitty is not a fan of her new exercise regime.

After becoming an instant hit online, Cinderblock’s vet has given us all an update. Cindy is finally walking. I repeat, CINDY IS FINALLY WALKING.

Obviously, Cinderblock the lazy cat inspired thousands of hilarious tweets, but here are just a few of the greatest responses to her fitness journey.

Happy Saturday to Cinderblock, and Cinderblock only.