This TikToker’s Cat Got Trapped In The Walls For 3 Days By Builders Renovating Her Bathroom

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A TikToker discovered that her cat had been sealed into the walls of her house for three days after builders working on her bathroom renovations accidentally plastered him in there.

Ashlin Hadden took to TikTok and recounted the story of returning home from a business trip to find her stunning new bathroom renovation and the haunting cry of her cat who was nowhere to be seen.


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♬ original sound – Ashlin Hadden

“So I hired somebody to redo the bathroom,” she said.

“They pulled out the bathtub and put in the new shower thing. And as I’m sitting here trying to figure out where my cat is, I can hear the cat crying from somewhere in here.”

Hadden then panned the camera around to the wall outside her bathroom to show a large hole she had to punch in the wall to help free her cat. It turned out he had gotten himself sealed in the gap between her new bathtub and the existing wall.

“This poor kitty was locked in there for three days stuck underneath the drywall,” she said.

In a separate TikTok, Hadden said her cat Stripes is doing well but she was surprised at the number of angry comments she received about the initial video of the great escape. Why? Because she called the builder a “stupid-ass contractor” which apparently got a bunch of commenters seeing red.


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♬ original sound – Ashlin Hadden

And in another TikTok, she said the contractor was told about the cats and she had closed the door to both the bedroom and the bathroom — and thought the builders would keep them closed to stop the cats from getting in the way.

“What happens when we assume? Obviously, it makes an ass out of me,” she said.

“When they left for the day they left the hole in the wall — that again I wasn’t aware they were doing — and didn’t cover it.”

Hadden said the hole in the closet wall and leaving the cats to roam in there (which is how she thinks nosy Mr Stripes got in behind the walls) was the thing that was most frustrating for her.

Anyway, here’s a video of Hadden meowing around her house in an attempt to find out where her cat was stuck in the walls.


Yes they knew there was a cat. Yes I locked the bedroom door and bathroom door. The contractor left a hole over night and the door open. No I didn’t have a cat sitter and I am a horrible person for not hiring one! 😵‍💫 #viralvideo #catsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Ashlin Hadden

Simply classic curious cat behaviour, honestly.