A Mum Found A Hidden Camera In Her Daughter’s Shower & Shared The Horrifying Story On TikTok

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A viral TikTok of a mother who found a hidden camera secretly installed above her teenage daughter’s shower has led to the arrest of her husband. The whole story is just horrifying AF.

The Nashville mum of three (@newmommyof3) uploaded a video to TikTok where she ripped open a bathroom light, only for a small camera to fall out of it.

“When you’ve been with a man 14 years and you find out he’s been watching your 16yo taking showers,” she wrote in the caption of the viral video. It has 82 million views at the time of writing.


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In a series of videos uploaded afterwards, the mother revealed she found the camera after deciding to take a shower in her home’s second bathroom.

She noticed one of the lights above the shower didn’t work, which was odd because it had worked fine before her husband, who is a contractor, began renovating the place.

“I put my light on my camera to see what size the bulb was and I saw the lens… that’s how I found out,” she said in a video.

“That’s my 16-year-old’s bathroom, and nobody else uses that bathroom.”

“I’m devastated.”


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♬ original sound – Newmommyof3 $newmommyof32022

After she found the camera, the mother immediately packed her kids’ things in garbage bags and fled their family home. And then, being the absolute queen that she is, she managed to record her husband confessing to installing the camera while she had police on the line.

According to Fox17, the husband Horacio Minero-Hernandez said installing the camera was a “mistake”.

“When you have something wrong in your fucking head, you just do it without thinking,” he said.

He was allegedly “trying to see if the camera worked” because he “found it at work”, but as his wife noted in her videos, this doesn’t really account for why TF he installed it in a teen’s shower.

The mum said this had been hardest on her daughter, who was raised by Minero-Hernandez, though he isn’t her biological father.

“That’s one of the hardest things I ever had to do,” she said about breaking the news to the teenager.

“She was very upset, she’s really strong… but she was overwhelmed with grief.

“She grew up with him since she was two years old and this is just something that’s not normal, it’s not normal at all.

“As long as she’s got me, she’ll be good and, of course, we’ll be reaching out for counselling.”

Minero-Hernandez has been arrested and charged with attempted sexual exploitation a minor. The mum is no longer in contact with him, and said she just wanted to leave it to the justice system to sort out.