Stormy Daniels, Of All People, Has Endorsed Michael Hing’s Very Real Senate Bid

Last time we covered his campaign we may not have made it clear enough, so just to clarify here: Michael Hing, he of SBS’s The Feed, is running for the Federal Senate representing his own Michael Hing’s One Asian party. It’s real, it’s happening, you can vote for him in New South Wales.

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Any decent political campaign worth its salt will hang its hat on the holy triumvirate of clearly communicated policy positions, a healthy dose of showmanship, and high-profile political endorsements from public figures.

While some may stay local for their handshaking and photo ops and such, Hing has secured possibly the biggest endorsement of the election thus far, getting the proverbial rub from one of the most prominent figures in American politics in recent years: Stormy Daniels.

Yes, the Stormy Daniels.

Endorsing Michael Hing of Michael Hing’s One Asian Party, in his bid for the Federal Senate.

Speaking from the US, Daniels passed on her words of encouragement and public tick of approval for Hing’s campaign via video, which Hing posted to social media earlier this afternoon.

Out of left field? Perhaps. Paid for by Hing himself via the celebrity shout-out app Cameo? Possibly. A knockout blow to other candidates in the race for the Federal Senate? Absolutely undoubtedly.

PEDESTRIAN.TV spoke to Hing exclusively after the Daniels endorsement, with the One Asian leader positing that Daniels knows a potentially successful outsider candidate when she sees one.

Stormy Daniels has firsthand experience seeing how an outsider moron with no experience or interest in politics can get elected, and that is the core of my campaign. Why didn’t she endorse Shorten, Morrison, Di Natale, Palmer or Hanson? Is it because they’re all insider fat cats suckling on the corrupt teat of Canberra? Or is it because none of them paid her the requisite $250 fee to get her endorsement – who can say?

You can read more about Michael Hing’s (again, very legitimate) campaign, which just unveiled the campaign slogan of “Hings Can Only Get Better,” via the official One Asian Party website.