Triple J Unveils Michael Hing As Veronica Milsom’s Replacement On ‘Drive’

With Veronica Milsom announcing she will not be returning to Triple J airwaves at all after the impending arrival of her latest little announcer, station officials have moved quickly to source a replacement for her Drive seat alongside Lewis Hobba. And lord, have they ever found one: Comedian, writer, and one-time NSW senate candidate, Michael Hing.

Triple J this afternoon confirmed that Hing would be permanently stepping into the Drive seat alongside Hobba later this month, following Milsom’s departure from the station after a nigh-on nine-year tenure.

Hing, for his part, has established himself as a semi-regular presence on Triple J over the past few years, popping up as a recurring guest on Drive, and serving as a fill-in host on a solid handful of various other slots on the station.

In recent times, Hing has been a regular face on SBS’s The Feed. Last year he even launched a very legitimate bid for the Federal Senate under his own One Asian Party banner. Although that bid was later ruled ineligible by the AEC under a dreaded Section 44 sting due to Hing’s job at the, Government run, SBS.

In a short statement issued via Triple J this afternoon, Hing said of his new gig “I’m really excited to be hosting triple j Drive with Veronica. She’s a close friend, a great comedian and someone I’ve always looked up to… wait, Veronica’s the one leaving? So I’m hosting with Lewis? Okay, I guess that’s fine.”

Not to be outdone, Hobba returned serve by stating “I only had one demand for Veronica’s replacement: find me someone who has run for the Australian senate AND been nominated for Bachelor of the Year. If I knew that meant I’d end up with Michael Hing I would’ve made a different demand. But here we are.”

Hing & Lewis officially debut as Triple J’s new Drive duo at 3pm AEDT on Monday, February 24th.