It’s the end of an era, my friends. Veronica, Big Ron Dog, Hot Ron, is headed off on maternity leave from Triple J soon, and this time she’s not coming back. Yep, she’s leaving us – and her eldest dependent Lewis – for good, and this is truly the crappiest end to a hell of a week.

Ron recorded a message for the Triple J-listening masses from a wonderfully maybe-soundproofed room inside the ABC, where she broke the news that she’s not coming back to the national youth broadcaster after popping out her second bub in the next few months. A blissfully-unaware Lewis is seen behind her through a couple of layers of assumedly-thick-but-not-commercial-radio glass, who probably isn’t taking it too well. Veronica and Lewis as we know it is coming to an end and I do not know how to feel either.

Veronica notes that she’s just not able to keep up with the ragers at the J’s anymore, especially not now she’s preganté, and she’s ready to fly the coop at Triple J into full-blown mother-of-two life.

Considering Veronica and Lewis have been blessing our earholes since 2014 – nearly six years now – it’s now time to say adieu to Hot Ron. I’m not sure if Lewis is going to continue on without his beloved counterpart, partner in crime, co-host, and scooter pal, but can someone please check in on him to make sure he’s ok? Cheers.

Watch Veronica make the big announcement below, and we’ll keep you updated on when she’s hanging up the headphones for good.

Image: Facebook / Triple J