Michael Hing’s Senate Bid Has Been Shut Down By The Tyrannical Nerds At The AEC

Michael Hing election bid falls though.

If you were gearing up to stride powerfully into your local NSW polling station on the weekend and chuck the number 1 (or heck, even 2) into the box next to Michael Hing and his One Asian Party, I am deeply sad to inform you that you will not be able to do this, as he is not on the ballot.

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In a video posted this evening, Hing announced that, in no uncertain terms, he is not allowed to run for the Senate thanks to a combination of his employment at the SBS and the bit in Section 44 of the constitution about not holding an “office of profit under the Crown“.

Before this highly upsetting and somewhat inevitable turn of events, Hing had received celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jordan Raskopoulos, Guy Montgomery, Becky Lucas, Nina Oyama, Demi Lardner, Nazeem Hussain, and, oddly, Stormy Daniels.

Hing says that the outcome is disappointing, but a sign that it’s not that hard to have a crack at it if you really want to. You can watch the video below: