SBS’s Michael Hing Is Legit Running For The Senate As A ‘One Asian’ Member

With the election now set for May 18th, campaigning can officially begin. And while the day might be filled up with the giant campaign launches from major parties, there’s one senatorial bid that’s already off the ground from a source you might not ordinarily suspect: SBS comedian Michael Hing.

[jwplayer 82lS4qwO]

Earlier this morning Hing, who works for the legendarily good The Feed, launched what at first appears to be a piss-taking bid for the senate that gets more and more serious the closer you look at it. Better still, he’s apparently doing so under a political banner he’s launching himself: the One Asian party.

The reasoning behind Hing’s senatorial bid is incredibly simple: If deadshit idiots like Fraser Anning and Ricky Muir can successfully get elected to the Federal Senate of Australia, then why the hell can’t he?

Better still are his policy positions: He has none. In fact, he wants the voting public to form his policy positions for him.

Ridiculous at first, sure. But the closer you look the more it becomes apparent that this could be… actually happening.

The “party” even went so far as to launch a slick-looking website in conjunction with this morning’s campaign launch, where you can suggest party policies and even pitch a slogan for the election.

The site, and video, even have the telltale “authorised by” message at the bottom, which gives further weight to this being an actual bid.

So armed with a $2,000 registration fee (that’s literally all it costs) and a MadLibs book of no set policies, it could well transpire that Michael Hing of Michael Hing’s One Asian party winds up on the NSW upper house ballot in just over a month.

Honestly, it’s a campaign we can pretty solidly get behind.