There are two ways to take the realisation Melbourne police units conducted a seven-hour standoff at a totally empty property earlier today:

  1. It’s thoroughly comforting that our law enforcement officers are so willing and dedicated to stake out a potential threat;
  2. Fucking LOL.

That somewhat embarrassing situation unfurled after police were called to a house in the western suburb of Melton before 10am. They’d received word a person of interest was present, and subsequently made repeated attempts to communicate with any occupants.

The Critical Incident Response Team was even roped in to negotiate with that non-existent fugitive. Of course, when they entered the house at 4.30pm, the joint was completely bereft of people – wanted or not.

However, the cops did nab a vehicle and a motorcycle they reckon may have been stolen. Worth a long (and likely expensive) stand-off? Well…

Melbs Cops End Tense 7-Hour Standoff With House That Turned Out To Be Empty

Source: The Age.
Photo: 7 News Melbourne / Twitter.