Wassup Chickens, Melbourne Now Has Its Own Impeckable Red Rooster Line Dividing The City

melbourne red rooster

Clucky fuckers and friends of all feathered persuasions, do I have news for you. There’s a Red Rooster line developing in Melbourne, with Chargrill Charlie’s joints on one side and El Jannah restaurants on the other. Yep, NSW is no longer the only state with an infamous Red Rooster line. What a joyous day.

In case any of the above words confused you, allow me to quickly explain things to your uninitiated self.

The Red Rooster line is a string of Red Rooster joints (obviously) that actually exists in Sydney, and divides two halves of the state. On one side, you have the ‘ethnic west’ defined by the plentiful amount of El Jannah shops. On the other is the ‘affluent east’ which is littered with a bunch of Chargrill Charlie’s restaurants (yucky).

There’s a lot more history behind it, as well as social deduction implications which I’ve written about at length before. I fkn love being able to make assumptions about someone based on which side of the chicken line they live on.

Well, anyway, there’s now one of these lines in fkn Melbourne, and it’s beautiful.

melbourne red rooster line
Melbourne’s Red Rooster Line, Image made by PEDESTRIAN.TV

As you can see, the line is glorious.

You have Chargrill Charlie’s joints in Malvern and Camberwell, and an El Jannah in Preston, with one coming to Campbellfield in 2023. In between them is a series of Red Roosters in places like Coburg, Strathmore, Craigieburn and Alphington.

Keep in mind that there are a total of 69 Red Rooster restaurants scattered around Victoria, including 50 in metro Melbourne. The line (which only includes 8 Red Rooster joints) however merely exists to divide El Jannah and Chargrill Charlie’s in a humorous way, just like in NSW.

The Campbellfield El Jannah however is awfully close to the Campbellfield Red Rooster, but we can confirm that it is in fact still on the right side of the line for this all to work out.

We call it the El Jannah Zone. I wouldn’t be mad if you called it God’s country, however.

melbourne red rooster line
Campbellfield Inset, Image made by PEDESTRIAN.TV

As Melburnians may know, the El Jannahs are also drive-thru, which is a glorious addition to a restaurant that already fkn slaps.

The Chargrill Charlie’s joints being near the water is no surprise to me really. Just like in Sydney, only the affluent really choose to dine there, mainly because they have no taste.

Well, it looks like two states in Australia can enjoy the discourse that comes with having a Red Rooster line, and being a member of one of the sides. Be safe out there friends, and don’t make too many enemies.