The Absolute Madmen At Red Rooster Are Giving Away 35,000 Free Roast Chooks

Do you love roast chicken?
Sorry, that was a really friggen idiotic question to kick this off with. You clicked on this little digital portal, and now you’re here, salivating at a level that’s uncomfortable. Of course you do.

Red Rooster, the fast food chain that’s often stylised as ‘Red Rooter’ thanks to deft sign-breaking suburban louts, is giving away FREE CHICKEN this month.

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“For a limited time only, from May 10, Red Rooster are giving every customer a FREE CHICKEN* with their next delivery order,”
 the press release from our dreams reads.

“All they need to do to get their free roast chicken is to visit, check to see if Red Rooster deliver to their area, then start their order … put your trust in Red Rooster – the Roast Chicken Champions – and we will deliver the goods!”

I know, we noticed that pesky asterisk straight away as well, so here are the prickly bits:
*Free chicken available between 10/5/17 and 13/6/17.  Log on to  Sign in or sign up and place an order online (minimum spend $25). Limit 1 per customer.
Chicken. Give me that fresh and tasty roast chicken.

Photo: Aaron Gocs / Red Rooster.