Truck Containing A Million Chicken Nuggets Overturns On Melbourne Freeway

A truck containing an estimated 20 tonnes of chicken nuggets has overturned on Melbourne’s Hume Freeway, delaying commuters and likely dismaying consumers of the crispy golden boys.

The collision occurred around 11.20pm last night in Epping, when the truck collided with an unoccupied car parked in the emergency stopping lane.

The truck then struck the central barrier, overturning and coming to a stop across the freeway’s northbound lanes.

Victoria Police Sergeant Dean Pickering said the car “was demolished. In fifteen years of the Highway Patrol I don’t think I’ve seen a car that badly damaged.”

Fortunately, the truck driver – and his dog – emerged from the wreck unscathed.

The freeway is expected to remain closed between Coopers Road and the Metropolitan Ring Road until 10am at the earliest, as the truck’s edible cargo is removed from the containers.

Along with the estimated one million nuggets, emergency crews are also working to clear up roughly 1,000 litres of spilled diesel.

FWIW, the nuggies are thought to have been heading for McDonald’s. Lunch may be a little more difficult in the days to come.