Melbs Is Copping A Chicken Nug Festival Because Nuggets Is Like My Family

Before we explain the details of the chicken nugget festival that’s coming to Melbourne, I must regale you all with an important story.

It’s a story of sacrifice, appreciation and devotion to the humble nugget.

The year was 2011. It was an unusually hot summer, the kind that brought with it long, sexy nights narrated by Guava Cruisers and David Guetta. My friend Geraldine was spending her Saturday night at the now defunct club Warehouse (RIP).

A guy she’d known for a while was hotline blinging her. He was asking her to leave the club and meet him out. Geraldine wasn’t particularly interested, but she was a little tipsy and, to be fair, quite hungry.

An ingenious plan began to form in her raspberry vodka-soaked brain.

She agreed to meet up with the dude on the condition that he buy her a 12 pack of the crispiest, most tender nuggets from McDonalds (OG purveyors of a fuckin tight nug, we must say).

Low and behold, he agreed.

They drove to Micky D‘s and as soon as the taxi they were in cleared the drive through, she sprinted from the vehicle and jumped into the nearest bush, clear from her suitor’s view, nuggets tucked safely away in her Victoria’s Secret push-up bra.

She ate (and savoured) every last morsel before catching the next cab back to the club. It was truly awe-inspiring.

Now, if you relate to dear Geraldine and have a strong obsession with all things chicken nugget, you’ll be stoked to hear that an actual chicken nugget festival is coming to Melbourne next month.

On Saturday November 11, from 11am to 10pm, the Welcome to Thornbury food truck park will be filled to the brim with chicken nuggets. They’ll be dishing up fried nugs, spicy nugs, a nugget burger and even a dessert nugget.

We know what you’re thinking. The sauce situation. Do they have Sweet ‘n’ Sour on lockdown?

No, they’ve got better. Melbourne Hot Sauce will be selling dipping platters and Welcome to Thornbury’s resident chef will be dishing out their take on Mulan sauce.

The full lineup of nugget flippers includes:

Hot Star Melbourne
Roadrunner Fried Chicken
Miss Katie’s Chicken Shack
The Real Jerk Food Truck
Gorilla Grill
Mr Burger
Dip’d Gourmet Doughnuts

There’ll also be a fully stocked bar serving crisp beers, wines and Pickle Rick shots (you know, in case you’re more of a cheeseburger kinda person).

See you there, you sweet nugget-loving freaks.