You know what. I don’t care what science and those fancy health people say. Sometimes it is a good idea to consume 24 fried bits of chicken in one hit, each one drowned in extremely sugary sauce.

It’s good for you. I, woman with absolutely no expertise on the matter who you should never listen to on any front, because I literally live a life that is continually on fire due to terrible decisions and absolutely no working life compass, say it is.

Because us ~youth~ like to raise our very influential voices for extremely unnecessary campaigns, KFC have announced they’ll be bringing back their iconic 24 nuggets for $10 deal.


24 Nuggets ft. Honey Mustard Sauce ????

You: BRING BACK 24 NUGGETS FOR $10!!11!1!Us: OKAY FINE IT’S BACK. And we’ll throw in new Honey Mustard Sauce while we’re at it ????

Posted by KFC on Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Not only can you score 24 nuggies for $10, you’ll also get a honey mustard sauce to drown them in to boot. What a time.

KFC got so excited making the announcement, they even fucked up their exclamation marks.

You: BRING BACK 24 NUGGETS FOR $10!!11!1!

Us: OKAY FINE IT’S BACK. And we’ll throw in new Honey Mustard Sauce while we’re at it.

This makes me extremely happy, as I imagine their Social Media Manager just mashing their finger into the ‘1’ key with extreme speed due to their own personal joy.

It’s likely KFC intend the pack to be eaten by a group of people, as per health guidelines, but come on. That’s not going to happen.

You’re going to break up with your girlfriend, or get fired from your job, or just have a day of self-care and eat ’em all yourself while lying in a paddle pool in your undies.

As it should be.

Image: KFC