‘Unacceptable’: Principal Of Melb Grammar Issues Statement Following Viral Milk Pour Video

Melbourne Grammar School principal Philip Grutzner has issued a public statement after one of its students allegedly poured a carton of milk on to boat passengers who were passing under a bridge on the Yarra River.

In January, Veronica Burgess (@veronicaburgess) took to TikTok to put a teenager on blast after he allegedly poured milk on her and her friends during a birthday celebration on a GoBoat. In the video, Burgess only managed to capture the aftermath in which the group of friends are attempting to salvage what wasn’t spoiled by the milk pour.

“Would love to find the kid that ruined our day,” Burgess wrote in the caption of the viral video.

Outfits were ruined, the charcuterie board was gone-zo and the mood had shifted from excitement to anger.

As the video began to spread like wildfire — racking up more than 23.7 million views — punters began to seek out who was responsible for the act. Soon, a teenage boy was accused of being the culprit after a TikTok account uploaded a video where a boy could be seen pouring milk onto passengers.

(Image source: 9News)

After the social media account was found, the “milked” video was deleted and replaced with a text statement that read: “Please stop contacting my school, my school has caught me and I am facing expulsion. Can’t believe you would do this to a minor.”

The statement has since been deleted from the account.

(Image source: TikTok)

Despite the online plea, Victoria Police has launched an investigation into the incident and has appealed for anyone with information to come forward.

Following the report, Melbourne Grammar launched an investigation into a Year 11 student who was allegedly involved in the milk pour.

Per 9News, Headmaster Philip Gruntzner alleged the boy and others who are “unknown to the school” not only threw milk but also threw eggs at unsuspecting people.

“This behaviour is completely unacceptable,”  Gruntzner told the publication.

“We are treating the matter with the utmost seriousness and are in the process of investigating it.”

The headmaster of the elite Melbourne school continued to say that he expects students to correct their actions and that the school will be looking at “punitive action, reparation, apologies and counselling” for the boy.

“It may well be that here is a young boy who has made a dreadful mistake,” Grutzner added.

“If that is the case we would take all necessary steps to improve his future behaviours.”

After Grutzner’s statement was shared by multiple media outlets, Redditors in the r/Melbourne community slammed the principal accused him of minimising the boys’ actions as “mistakes”.

As of writing, Burgess has not uploaded an update to the incident, but she did reveal in the original video that GoBoat provided a group with a credit to use their boats another time.

Police have urged anyone who experienced the same behaviour — such as milk pouring and egg pelting — to come forward.