Phoebe Burgess Breaks Her Silence On Instagram After DV & Drug Allegations Against Ex Sam

Phoebe Burgess, the former wife of ex South Sydney Rabbitohs captain Sam Burgess, has broken her silence following allegations made against Sam of domestic violence and drug use.

Earlier this month, the NRL pledged to look into the serious accusations after a bombshell four-month investigation by The Australian.

The article, which included information gathered from interviews, sworn statements to police, and pharmacy receipts, alleged that Burgess became agitated and aggressive towards Phoebe at their Sydney home on November 6, 2018.

Now, Phoebe has taken to Instagram to share a photo with hers and Sam’s two children and thanked her followers for their support.

“Finding joy in the little things and my little people,” she wrote. “Simply because I was silent doesn’t mean I didn’t hear you, thank you for your kindness,” she continued, adding that it “means the world to us.”

Phoebe Burgess’ father, Mitchell Hooke, told The Australian he witnessed an alleged altercation between his daughter and former son-in-law. He claimed Sam verbally abused Phoebe (while pregnant) and “grabbed” her in “a very aggressive embrace”, which she managed to escape.

According to the report, Phoebe claimed Sam had undergone a blood test in secret using a fake name in the days following the alleged incident.

Sam Burgess’ lawyer Mark O’Brien has vehemently denied the allegations, telling The Australian they “constitute an indefensible defamation against my client.”

O’Brien said the “false allegations” came from “those currently in dispute with my client over various issues,” which seems to be in reference to a charge of intimidation that Hooke made against Burgess relating to a separate 2019 incident.

In a statement provided to the ABC, NSW Police said they aware of a report outlining “various allegations relating to the conduct of a 31-year-old man” and that “inquiries are in their infancy”.

Sam Burgess retired from playing duties last year due to an ongoing shoulder injury.

He maintains an assistant coaching role with the Rabbitohs.