The First Glimpse Of Tituss Burgess As Remy In The Ratatouille Musical Is Here And I’m Crying

Ratatouille Musical

The very first look at Tituss Burgess as Remy in Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical (or the Ratatousical, if you will), has finally been revealed, and my lord they really did not settle when it came to PRODUCTION.

Just last week it was revealed that the cast for the musical would be filled with some extraordinary talent, including Kevin Chamberlin (Gusteau), Wayne Brady (Django), Adam Lambert (Emile), Ashley Park (Colette) and of course, Burgess is the lead role.

It was also revealed that the show will have 11 original songs included in the production, with a whopping ten being straight from TikTok. I don’t know about you but if I was a kid who made a fun song on an app and then found out it was going to be used in a one-off Disney-adjacent musical I’d be crying forever.

The show officially came out on January 2, with tickets still on sale right now until tomorrow morning. However, footage from the show has been pretty hard to find considering the fact that it’s behind a paywall, so us mere mortals who have not bought tickets have been left foraging for scraps.

Thankfully, the geniuses behind the Ratatousical have released some official footage of Tituss Burgess as Remy, singing the lead song ‘Remember My Name’, and it is truly something to behold. CHILLS I tell you, CHILLS.

Also, shout out to the costume designer for getting people to dress in simple colours whenever they appear as rats because… we truly cannot have a repeat of Cats.

Now without further ado, feast your eyes and ear holes upon the greatness that is this clip.

I don’t know about you but… this is really good? I suddenly want this to become an actual thing post-COVID because I would PAY to see this live.

The Ratatouille Musical team also posted this incredible gif of Burgess changing the name of Gusteau’s restaurant to ‘La Ratatouille’ using some snazzy magic, and I am obsessed.

I would say spoiler warning but, come on now, surely everyone has seen Ratatouille at this point.

Upon it’s ‘opening night’, the Ratatouille musical also celebrated the fact that it raised over $1 million for The Actors Fund, which is a lot of dollarydoos.

You can buy tickets to see the musical for yourself right HERE, but be quick because they won’t last long.