Malcolm Turnbull Hits NYC Streets Dressed As Yr Uncle, Asks To Be Left Alone

The paps will not leave Malcolm Turnbull – aka your grumpy uncle on family holiday – alone, as our former PM attempts to escape all the Liberal leadership ~DRAMA~ in his real luxe apartment on New York City‘s Upper West Side (the other side of Central Park to xoxo Gossip Girl).

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Yes, SURPRISE, Sydney Morning Herald writes that Turnbull owns an apartment worth $4 million in the very same Art Deco building as Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos. And he was just trying to get all reclusive in Manhattan on a six-week summer vacation with his wife Lucy, when his privacy was so grossly intruded upon by the ‘razzi.

They got right up in his business, first filming the couple arriving at La Guardia Airport on Sunday, and asking our former leader how he was feeling after his 20-hour journey through the sky – as reports said he was “looking forward to some rest“: “We haven’t been here for a while so it’s good to be back.”

And then the next day they went after him both when he was strolling Central Park, and when he was just trying to get home from Whole Foods, dressed in a totally blue matchy-matchy baseball-cap-polo-slacks ensemble, nanna-shopping-cart in tow.

But what’s real good, the real good, juicy content is how Turnbull unloaded on a journo when they approached him last night. After saying he was just in NYC “here privately on a break“, he glowered “We’ve been harassed by paparazzi this morning.”

Heading off, they reportedly left pointed parting words, then filmed a photog on his phone, asking “Are you going to stalk us now?” and “Why don’t you leave us alone?

Mal’s vacay comes just ten days after he was deposed as PM by Scott Morrison – it is believed that he is giving his successor some probably much-needed space by trying to stayi out of the public eye.

He officially resigned from Parliament last week, triggering a by-election in the Liberal safe seat of Wentworth in Sydney‘s Eastern Suburbs.