In a truly spectacular up-yours to his dad’s old Liberal colleagues, it has been revealed this weekend that Malcolm Turnbull‘s son Alex is soliciting donations in his old seat of Wentworth – for the Labor Party.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull vacated the seat of Wentworth with his resignation from parliament last week, triggering a by-election. Yesterday, Alex Turnbull retweeted a message from Labor candidate Tim Murray, with a message of encouragement.

“Best bang for the buck you’ll get in political donations in your life,” he said. “Tight race, tight margin for government, big incremental effect whatever happens. If you want a federal election now this is the means by which to achieve it.”

Alex, who works in the finance industry in Singapore, gave an interview to Fairfax earlier this week, in which he blamed his dad’s political demise in part on the coal industry, saying they had been exerting pressure on his party colleagues.

“It’s impossible to vote for the LNP in good conscience,” Alex told Fairfax. “My father fought the stupid and the stupid won.”

Turnbull, for what it’s worth, did say he finds it “hard to back a Labor guy”, but not Tim Murray, who he also counts as a friend.

He also retweeted Murray’s official announcement when he was endorsed for the seat of Wentworth.

Contrary to reports that she would also be stepping away from politics, Julie Bishop recently announced that she will be contesting the seat of Wentworth at the next election.

Source: SBS News
Image: Getty Images / Ryan Pierse