Turnbull Caught On Tape Slagging Off Abbott & Rudd As “Miserable Ghosts”

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has savaged his predecessor Tony Abbott and Labor‘s last PM Kevin Rudd as “miserable ghosts” who stuck around far too long after being turfed from office, according to audio recorded during his sabbatical in New York City.

The clip, obtained by the Nine Network, features Turnbull speaking before a small gathering of young political types.

During his address, Turnbull expressed his continual confusion over the decision to turf him from the top job, saying “they’ve not been able to explain” August’s party room decision to hold a spill motion.

He went on to excoriate Abbott and Rudd, both of whom have been accused of holding severe resentments against damn near everybody following their departures from the top job.

“When you stop being prime minister, that’s it,” Turnbull said.

“There’s no way I’d be hanging around like a limpet. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott. No, seriously, these people are like miserable, miserable ghosts.”

He also said it was vital not to be “driven by hate” after his ejection from the number one job.

The comments mark what may be Turnbull’s strongest invective yet about Abbott, who Turnbull successfully rolled back in 2015 – and we scarcely feel the need to remind you about Abbott’s laughable claim he would not snipe nor undermine Turnbull’s leadership.

The remarks are also seemingly incongruous with Turnbull’s low-key hiatus in the Big Apple, where he has resided since the spill motion.

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