Malcolm Turnbull Ratfucked Kevin Rudd’s UN Bid & Hooooo Boy Is It Ever On

WELP. This is a fun one.

Former Prime Minister/that one weird Uncle who over-ennunciates and insists on drinking port at Christmas Kevin Rudd was quite keen on putting his hand up for the job of UN Secretary-General.
The gig is currently held by Ban Ki-moon of South Korea, and will become vacant at the end of the year.
Kevin Rudd would dearly like that job.
Unfortunately, it seems like it’s not going to happen, with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today making a “Captain’s call” to not endorse Rudd’s bid, thereby scuttling his attempt to apply.
The decision of whether the Government should back Rudd in for the gig has been hotly contested amongst the Coalition, with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop reportedly arguing strongly in favour of supporting Rudd’s bid. But it’s the conservative arm of the Liberal Party (i.e. everyone who firmly remains in the Tony Abbott camp) who made the most noise about not endorsing the campaign. And in today’s announcement that Turnbull will not give the Government’s support to Rudd, it would appear that it’s that arm of his own party that Turnbull fears the most.

Turnbull, in a short press conference, stated that he did not endorse Rudd because he believe he was “not suited” for the job. Meanwhile, in Kevin Rudd’s brain:

Make no mistake about it, it would’ve been a profoundly awkward decision for Turnbull to actually endorse Rudd’s bid for the top diplomatic job in the world.

But bending to the shouty people in your own party? Yeah, it’s a bit awkward.
Albo, for one, is *pissed*.

If Turnbull’s fresh term as PM is all about displaying how willing he is to play up to the conservative mob, things are gonna get real bloody interesting in the ole’ #auspol world in a big hurry, you’d imagine.

Photo: Sergio Dionisio/Getty.