Turns Out Jacinda Ardern Unsuccessfully Auditioned For ‘Lord Of The Rings’

Here’s a wild one for you: New Zealand Prime Minister and general all around human angel Jacinda Ardern was a guest on today’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Seriously. Imagine a world where bloody Malcolm Turnbull or Scott Morrison would ever conceivably wind up being booked on Colbert. They simply wouldn’t ever. They’d be lucky to score a berth on InfoWars at this rate.

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Regardless, it really, legitimately happened. Ardern was on the same show as the erstwhile Murphy Brown, Candice Bergen. A very real thing.

During the legitimately charming chat, Ardern threw a little playful, cheeky shade at Donald Trump and, perhaps most notable of all, casually let slip that she may have once auditioned for a role in Lord of the Rings.

Colbert, who practically bleeds Tolkien, asked Ardern about growing up growing up near Hobbiton – Ardern was born in Hamilton and grew up in the surrounding area, very near to where the Lord of the Rings films were shot.

Biting her tongue somewhat, Ardern quipped it was “slightly offensive” that people assume every Kiwi under the sun was in Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.

But then, this.

Yes, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern just admitted she auditioned for the films, and was denied. Unbelievable stuff. Imagine if you could go back through the movies and spot the future Prime Minister of Aotearoa in the background somewhere.

Later in the interview Ardern also responded to Flight of the Conchords request to come over for dinner, asserting that if they gave her a lift home from the airport she’d cook them dinner.

Find you another world leader willing to exchange a home cooked meal in exchange for a lift home. You cannot do it.

You’ve got yrselves a good one there, Kiwi mates.