Pls Coo Over Sweet Neve, NZ’s Official First Baby & United Nations Delegate

I must prepare you, this is probably going to be the cutest shit you’ll see all day/week/month/year. New Zealand‘s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has made her first appearance at the United Nations General Assembly with partner Clarke Gayford and precious childe Neve Te Aroha in tow.

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Three-month-old Neve has won over the general assembly and already made history by joining Clarke and Jacinda in the assembly hall this week in New York, firmly securing herself as the cutest little button to ever sit in that hall.

Clarke and Neve showed up to the Nelson Mandela Peace Summit, where Jacinda spoke about the legacy of the late leader, who she described as being a “living embodiment of the United Nations’ values.”

Anyway, back to the main event here. NEVE THE SWEET BEBE.

Honestly, LOOK at those cheeks I want to pinch them till she blushes what a god damn CHERUB.

Clarke tweeted about Neve’s big adventure thus far in New York and at the United Nations, which including showing her bare ass to a bunch of Japanese delegates during a nappy change in an empty meeting room, and settling for a wee nap between getting in at 1am and waking again at 3.45am because care not for timezones or jetlag thank you VERY much.

She’s got her own security pass and everything! Official title! First Baby of New Zealand! I love our new baby queen!!

While Jacinda is representing NZ on the world stage at the United Nations as well as spots on The Today ShowCNN and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Clarke has come along to continue his role as the main caregiver for the everyone’s favourite childe in charge (tbh she’s definitely calling the shots in the Ardern Gayford household). Jacinda had already said that they’d be coming to the US as a family and by god she’s going to go through with it and nobody can stop her, thanks.

May Neve’s grand adventure provide us with many blessings of perfection and blubbly little chubby cheeks, for it is what us plebs need right now.

And tbh, the UN should be deeply considering this slight name change. Let’s be real.