Aleks And Ivan Just Fucked Off Before The ‘MAFS’ Commitment Ceremony & Is That Even Legal

mafs ivan aleks

We’re getting to the pointy end of the MAFS season and it’s getting spicer by the second.

Tonight’s commitment ceremony was one couple short, however. Why? Because Aleks and Ivan, who seemed fine last week, have yeeted themselves the fuck out of the show without even attending the ceremony.

Is nothing sacred anymore? What a blatant disrespect to the sanctity of marria-oh wait.

Regardless of the fact that this season has been an absolute shit show, fans are upset that we’ve been denied the catfight we’ve been waiting for.

Honestly, how dare they?


To be fair, these guys leaving the show was probably the smartest decision they’ve ever made.

But fans are convinced they took the easy way out.

We’re running out of couples to judge at this point. I have completely forgotten what my life is like outside of Married At First Sight. 

Here’s hoping we end up with a few couples to see us through to the end of the season before Bachelor In Paradise inevitably takes over.

So long, Aleks and Ivan.