I don’t know how this has happened, but here we are. Aleks and Ivan are my favourite MAFS couple. THERE! I SAID IT! I WISH THEM NOTHING BUT PURE HAPPINESS AND A FRESH PUPPY!

In the beginning, I was not a fan of either of them. You may recall I questioned Aleks’ dubious choice of getting lip filler what seemed like days before filming. Ivan seemed creepy with the sockless shoes and mean to his mum.

But over the last few weeks, the couple have warmed on us MAFS fans. First, it was Ivan. Everyone was suddenly forgetting his bizarre intro sequence and the SHOE THING, and focusing on his lovely demeanour, big heart and devotion to Aleks.

Then in tonight’s episode, we really saw how strong a couple Ivan and Aleks are. Both of them stood up for Hayley when she was being completely destroyed by Michael and Stacey, especially when Stacey started to blame Hayley for the entire cheating scandal, letting Michael get off scot free.

So how on earth did we sleep on these two? Well, I’m putting it down to spicy reality TV editing. I am always shocked at the weirdos from episode one of every reality TV season who go on to become fan favourites.

Remember how Chelsie came down the Bachelor aisle and put a FAKE TATT on Matt Agnew? That was fucking weird. Remember how the twins on Love Island Australia were presented as this creepy tag team? Yup.

So many lovely humans are put through the reality TV ringer in early episodes to drive drama and spice up otherwise boring scenes. I think Ivan in particular copped that a bit, until the couples were settled and the natural drama evolved, leaving room for the producers to give his real personality a bit of a show.

I’m still a LITTLE concerned they have no chemistry – I feel like Aleks might just not be that into Ivan. But who knows, here’s hoping some sparks develop this week.