We Need To Talk About Labor & The Liberals’ Wild Lord Of The Rings Election Ads, My Precious

Is everyone feeling excited about the Federal Election? IMO it feels like it’s been going on for about 84 years. So if you need any proof the marketing teams for Labor and the Liberals are feeling the election heat, look no further than their unhinged Lord of the Rings ads.

Oh, how I wish I was jesting with you. But alas I am not.

This whole sorry state of affairs began when the Liberal Party put out an ad depicting Labor leader Anthony Albanese as Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

The CGI is absolutely giving early noughties superhero movies and I personally believe the person who made this owes me financial compensation.

In the video, the Liberals accuse Albanese of “flip-flopping” between ideas to win votes.

This ad surely came from some cooked late-night planning session in Liberal HQ. Who on earth pitched the idea for a terrifying Gollum-style Anthony Albanese who looks like he was crafted from clay and then possessed by an unrepentant demon?

The voice of this creature will haunt me for years. I hate it. I hate it so much. Please someone ban political parties from making ads. It’s like The Polar Express but worse.

On the same day, Labor released their own deeply unnerving Lord of the Rings themed ad. When will these major parties realise that Lord of the Rings is actually a gay roadtrip romance about two hobbits? Please guys, respect the source material.

The official Labor Party Twitter released an image of Scott Morrison as Gollum holding a one dollar coin. They used the image to criticise Morrison’s resistance to raising minimum wage. They also inadvertently used it to haunt my every waking moment.

Someone really needs to take photoshop away from these people.

ICYMI, there’s been beef with other campaign ads too. Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gina Liano said she sent the Labor party legal letters after it used footage of her in an ad.

The Labor Party also used Darude’s iconic 1999 hit ‘Sandstorm’ in a recent TikTok taking aim at Scott Morrison calling Anthony Albanese a “loose unit”. Yes, we’ve reached that point in the campaign.

@australianlabor Alexa, play Darude Sandstorm. #auspol #auspolitics ♬ original sound – Australian Labor Party

Darude replied to a Tweet of the video saying it was “copyright-infringing”. He also said he wasn’t happy the song was being associated with politics.

But look, my precious-es. At least there’s only one week of the election campaign left. After that, these wild election ads will be thrown into Mount Doom for another four years.