Who Did The Stinky Shit Which Made The Liberal Campaign Bus ‘Uninhabitable’: An Investigation

liberal campaign bus shit

Good arvo friends, you ready to read about some crazy shit? No seriously, this article is literally going to be about someone doing a crazy shit on the Liberal campaign’s media bus. A shit so wild the bus became “uninhabitable”. Buckle the fuck up.

According to Sally Rugg on Twitter, The Age published a piece in their paper about a wild “bathroom incident” that lead to a bus full of Aussie journos getting emergency evacuated. A shit so rank and vile that there was no choice but to clear the fkn space out. Absolutely wild areas.

“A busload of journalists on the Liberal’s campaign media bus in Perth on Saturday had to be offloaded en masse after a bathroom incident made the vehicle temporarily uninhabitable,” wrote The Age.

Offloaded. En. Masse.


Imagine being the one who dropped such a nasty meatloaf that even God himself shed a tear? A number two so insane that for a brief moment in time no life could survive in the area??

The Age writes that following the seismic drop-off, the journalists received a “stern warning from the bus driver about what the bathroom could be used for.”

“‘Number ones only,’ apparently,” wrote The Age.

Further down in the article The Age claims that this same group of journos “performed a fair chunk of the Backstreet Boys’ catalogue” acapella on a five-hour flight from Sydney to Western Australia.

Interesting to think that this group of lethally loaded journalists all come from Sydney. Also interesting to see that they were singing Backstreet Boys. This must mean that whoever wreaked havoc on that poor bus dunny is aged somewhere between like 24 and 35.

This is my estimate and I’ll bet my entire Opal card on it being correct. Now all we need is for the great disappearing Poodini to fess up to their stench-related crimes. Surely they’ll reveal themselves soon. They’ve already been known to have difficulties holding things in.

Until then, I guess all we can do is enjoy the fact that a wild story like this is being published in the papers. Really lets you know how interesting the Liberal campaign has been if this is the kind of goss we hear about.