Scott Morrison Has Insisted His Salmonella Curry Was So Good His Fam Allegedly Wanted Seconds

scott morrison curry

Culture crasher Prime Minister Scott Morrison has denied claims he served raw salmonella chicken curry to his family. He’s instead insisted it was so adequate and “good” that Jenny and the kids were craving more. Okay, sure buddy. Let’s see how they feel in a few days when they’re heading to Vom-Town.

In case you missed it, Morrison shared a pic of his latest MasterChef-elimination-worthy curry night in a Facebook post on Sunday.

It showed what looked like a bowl of raw chicken covered in a white grainy sauce. Morrison’s curry dish gave less chicken korma and more salmonella. It was a whole new take on fresh produce.

“How good is raw chicken?” one comment on the post read.

“A fair dose of salmonella for those who have a go,” added another.

Morrison was on Melbourne’s Fox FM radio on Tuesday morning per Host Fifi Box asked the PM on the show about the infamous plate of chicken korma curry he allegedly “cooked”.

Despite the almost unanimous opinion that Morrison drizzled curry sauce from the jar over chunks of half-cooked chicken, the Prime Minister said it was a satisfying meal. George Calombaris giving an 11/10 worthy.

He said the internet’s claims were “absolutely untrue” and his family allegedly even went back for more.

“People went back for seconds,” he said.

“It was in the pan for a good 45 minutes I can tell you because I had it there myself.”

Ahuh. Sure. Hearing unconfirmed reports from anonymous sources the PM’s family hasn’t eaten out in years. Have they considered HelloFresh?

Honestly, when will this man learn? We still haven’t forgotten the OG curry drama. Remember when Scott Morrison (allegedly) cooked up a Massaman curry, apparently with 4L of coconut milk and a whole bowl of potato chunks, only for the final image to have neither coconut milk or potato in it?