Anthony Albanese Was Intv’d By Those Teen Journos, But Unlike Morrison He Wasn’t Condescending

anthony albanese 6news

Labor’s Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese spoke to the teen journos at 6News on Tuesday night and he was way less condescending than old mate Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Albanese was interviewed by 6News’ leading legend Leonardo Puglisi and 6News’ political reporter Roman Mackinnon. Morrison condescendingly talked down at them instead of answering their questions directly. So colour us surprised when we watched Albanese listen to Puglisi’s questions and actually talk to them like the actual journos they were.

There weren’t any gaslighting or smug Olivia Frazer-like reactions when Puglisi was speaking.

But Albanese claimed it was a “fair assessment” to see Labor as centre-left despite the fact it supports offshore detention and turning back boats of refugees and asylum seekers in the Federal Election.

“Labor will always be concerned about the disadvantaged,” he said.

Albanese then mentioned the party runs on a two-part philosophy: to build a better future and to leave no one left behind or held back.

Again, a bit ironic to say that when you’re actively supporting deportation.

He also appeared to double down on his previous stance regarding Trans men which is incredibly disappointing. He said trans people were used in elections as political footballs. But he then appeared to justify his response to that cooked Daily Telegraph cover story.

“It’s not up to me to judge those matters. I answered the question for the Daily Telegraph in a way to be truthful and straightforward,” he said.

But Albanese made sure to end the interview with a cheeky dig at Morrison for not taking accountability for his mistakes.

“I think we’ve seen during the campaign I made a mistake,” he said.

“I fessed up to it, said it was a mistake [and] didn’t try and blame someone else. I think that’s really important.

“With the high office of the Prime Minister comes responsibility. One of my concerns is that this Prime Minister never accepts responsibility. [He] always seeks to blame someone else and we can do much better than that.”

You can catch the full interview below.