Anthony Albanese’s ‘Not Woke’ Cover Wasn’t Just Cringe, It Was Also Transphobic

Anthony Albanese's Daily Telegraph cover.

Sorry to all the TikTok kids who have been daddy-fying Anthony Albanese online but the man is not your friend — in fact, according to the new Daily Telegraph cover, he’s transphobic.

In the most cringe cover photo to come out in a while, Albanese assured The Daily Telegraph that he is “not woke” and will sway Labor away from the left.

The fact that we’re at a point where Labor can even be considered left-wing is itself a crisis, but that’s beside the point.

Throughout the interview — which was conducted by infected toenail Joe Hildebrand — Albanese said a whole lot of waffle without actually taking a stance on literally any issue.

“I was an avid supporter of marriage equality but I also supported a conscience vote at the same time,” he said.

“You have to respect diversity in all its senses, not just when it’s convenient.”

So, Albanese “supports” same-sex marriages but also supports people who oppose same-sex marriages?

Also somehow diversity is now equal to tolerating hateful opinions? What???

Albanese’s answers to rapid fire questions were also shit.

When he was asked if men can have babies, he said no. Effectively erasing the existence of trans men, who he pretended to be an ally with by attending Mardi Gras. (Also, men can and do have babies because parenting and raising a child is not just a woman’s job, but okay).

When asked if Captain Cook was “hero or zero”, Albanese answered “world changer”. What does that even mean?! Are you against the genocide of First Nations people or not??

He reckons we should spend more on defence too, despite the 2021 defence budget being $44.6 BILLION.

Albanese also promised to “end the climate wars”. Don’t let that fool you into thinking he wants drastic and immediate climate action though — he then vowed never to enter any coalition arrangement with the Greens, who are obviously known for climate policies.

The TL;DR here is that the “not woke” cover wasn’t an accident, and we need to stop being surprised by pollies betraying young, left wing people. The on-the-fence answers are to offend the least amount of people for the sake of winning an election — and not for actually creating any positive change.

Albanese knows exactly what his PR game is.

His strategy is to win over Scott Morrison‘s supporters by proving he’s just as right-wing but less likely to embarrass them in interviews or any time he’s propped in front of a camera.

Instead of uncritically supporting him for the sake of opposing Morrison, we need to look into Albanese’s politics and call him out for being a spineless coward. Change won’t happen otherwise.