The Daily Mail Papped Albanese Looking Tired In His PJs But It Just Made Him Look Relatable AF


Our new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been snapped getting the paper from his front door in his pyjamas by both the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail paparazzi and tbh I’ve never identified with a politician more.

The Tele hung around the PM’s house in Sydney’s inner west and took the photos of Albanese at 7:03am on Thursday wearing PJ pants with rabbits on them, a Newtown Jets jersey and Ugg boots as he collected his morning papers from inside his front gate.

The Daily Mail apparently thought this content was gold and sent photographers to his place on Friday morning for similar pics.

He’s got bed hair and he looks tired, like we all do when we wake up.

The Tele called him “a dishevelled Prime Minister” but honestly he’s the first Australian PM to look even remotely relatable since Prime Minister Andy in The Simpsons.

The new PM is yet to move into Kirribilli House because Scott Morrison and his fam are still there. They’re due to move out this weekend and head back to their home in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney’s south.

Yes he looks relatable and yes his modest Marrickville home has cute bricks and a rusty gate but FYI he is loaded. He owns several other investment properties totally $5 million in value.

All that aside apparently his neighbours love him. They say he’s very chatty and often takes their bins in.

Side note: it’s pretty fucking creepy photographers are hanging around his house but this will no doubt stop when he moves in the new digs, surrounded by security, CCTV and unscalable fences.

Will they treat Morrison the same and pap him in his PJs when he’s back home? Unlikely.