Local Legends Set New Mario Kart World Record

A bunch of complete Aussie legends have set a new benchmark for marathon gaming. Four lads from Warrnambool in Victoria have officially put themselves into the Guinness Book of World Records after their Mario Kart session went for longer than anyone else’s has.

Officially claiming the world record for “Longest Video Game Marathon playing a Racing Game” the four boys – Harry Twyford, James Hickman, Josh Alexander and Matt Smith – completed their marathon effort in 35 hours, 46 minutes, eclipsing the previous record of around 33 hours, held by a pair of German teens.
The record attempt came about, much like most things that involve both teenagers and Warrnambool, due to boredom. According to Twyford, “It was about six months ago, just a boring summer day. [We] got a Guinness book of records out, started reading and before you know it here we are.
Though official rules stated that only one of them had to be playing at any given time, they all chose to play at once. The team was allowed a 10 minute break every hour. Some of them saved up those breaks to catch a quick nap during the night, with one badass managing to go 15 hours straight before grabbing some much needed shut eye.
To ensure the World Record would be recognised, the team had witnesses attend and monitor the attempt, which included Justices of the Peace, and even Warrnambool’s Mayor.
Prior to attempting the record, the four lads put themselves through their paces by training up:

We had a little training session about a month ago. We made it about 10 hours before one of us threw up and the rest of us fell asleep. So it wasn’t much fun.

No pain, no gain, lads. Onya.
via ABC News.