A Man Dressed As Big Ben Montague St Bridge’d Himself At The London Marathon

A runner who was trying to complete the London Marathon and beat a Guinness World Record all while dressed as Big Ben (yes, the clock) literally ran into some trouble while trying to cross the finish line. You see, he was simply too dang tall to fit under the finish line’s structure.

[jwplayer 3XS2GTq9]

You just hate to see it, folks.

Lukas Bates signed up for his fourth go at the 42-kilometre run with two things in mind: to raise much-needed funds for Alzheimer’s research, and to break the Guinness World Record for Fastest Marathon Dressed As A Landmark Building (male), which had been previously set in 2018 by a German man at the Berlin Marathon dressed as the Holstentor city gate in

The poor lad donned a big ol’ Big Ben costume, which sat at 1.5m above his head, and slammed through the course, setting a good pace and providing a bit of comic relief for everyone watching on or running beside/behind him.

But an issue that Lukas failed to foresee was getting his Big Ben bonce underneath the finish line structure because instead of it being a simple ribbon-across-the-road situation, it was a full and proper scaffolding situation that absolutely wasn’t over 4 metres high.

Check out the video of Lukas trying to navigate the last few moments of the race, literally right at the end of the 42 km, which cost him the world record and probably a few shreds of his dignity.

It’s like an ultra-slowed down version of an incident at our beloved Montague St Bridge. His sheer determination of finishing the race is unparalleled and deeply hilarious.

As reported by the BBC, the world record stood at three hours, 34 minutes, and 34 seconds. Lukas’ personal best of the London Marathon is two hours, 59 minutes (when not dressed as an iconic landmark), and his time for the 2019 marathon came in at three hours, 54 minutes. What could have BEEN.

I guess all is not lost though, Lukas’ very funny efforts have managed to capture the attention and love of people far and wide, and he has been able to raise way above his fundraising target of £1000.

Ah well, maybe next year mate.