An All-Boys Private School’s Vile Group Chat Leaked Online & It’s Way Worse Than You Think

knox grammar group chat vile messages

Horrific videos and messages from a Sydney private boys school group chat have leaked online and they’re absolutely vulgar in nature.

Per the Daily Telegraph, which uncovered the Discord group chat, a cohort of Knox Grammar School boys called itself “Gang Gang”.

To this Discord group, the boys shared anti-Semitic, racist, sexist and pedophilic messages with each other, most of which were “so graphic” the Daily Telegraph couldn’t even publish them.

They also reportedly shared videos with each other that depicted child abuse, rape and physical assault.

If you want your day completely ruined, the Daily Telegraph did post a few of the abhorrent messages shared by the boys, but I refuse to type any of that shit out.

“The nature of these posts is contrary to the values and culture of Knox and is unacceptable,” wrote Principal Scott James in a letter to parents.

“The action of the boys do not reflect a Knox education or the expectations that we place on our students to be respectful and responsible citizens in the community.

“The boys posted inappropriate images and engaged in offensive commentary in an online private chatroom.”

Further in the letter, James specified that some of the vile images and videos were taken during school activities while others were doctored by the group’s members. The boys were also confirmed to have been suspended and made to participate in “appropriate behaviour” lessons. The matter was also discussed with the police.

“We take no pleasure in the action we have taken, but we believe we have found the right balance between upholding the values of this community and the need for consequences.”

Knox Grammar School, the fees of which are $35,000-a-year, is known to be an “elite” all-boys school on Sydney’s north shore, but it’s no stranger to being in the headlines.

In 2015 the school was subject to a Royal Commission investigating 30 years of alleged sexual abuse by eight teachers which was found to have been covered up by then-headmaster Ian Paterson.

In 2021 a student was left disabled after other students caused a locker to fall on him. Also in 2021, ex-student Nicholas Drummond pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman and a male bystander in Sydney, but was only placed on a good behaviour bond.

Needless to say, the school is incredibly fucked.

“To glorify and praise an abhorrent figure responsible for the genocide of millions of innocent people is both grossly offensive and unacceptable,” CEO of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies Darren Bark told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“We would also welcome participation by Knox students in the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies’ Respect, Understanding and Acceptance program, which breaks down barriers between students from different religious and ethnic backgrounds.”

The Daily Telegraph has handed all the messages and videos uncovered to the NSW Police’s Child Abuse and Sex Crimes unit.

If you’d like to report image-based abuse to police or get help removing an intimate image from social media, reach out to the Australian eSafety Commissioner here.

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You can report instances of racism or discrimination to the Australian Human Rights Commission on 1300 656 419 or lodge a complaint online.

You can also call the QLife LGBTI peer support hotline on 1800 184 527 or chat online. 

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