A 21 Y.O. Former Knox Grammar Student Is Suing The Sydney School After A Locker Fell On Him

A 21-year-old former student at Sydney’s Knox Grammar is suing the elite private school after a locker fell on him, which he says left him disabled, News Corp reports.

Spencer Camden Foley has alleged that Knox was negligent in not securing the freestanding lockers, which other students caused to fall on him in 2017.

At the time, the incident allegedly caused a whole slew of injuries, including bleeding from the head, brain haemorrhage, concussions and mild traumatic brain injury, spinal damage, and ocular injury. Foley also alleged that the school didn’t provide adequate first aid.

“At the time of his injury, the plaintiff was 17 years of age and in his final year of secondary schooling,” court documents state.

“Since the accident he has suffered total incapacity to engage in any employment or income earning activity and claims past lost earnings, together with compulsory employer sponsored entitlements to superannuation.”

Among the lingering disabilities Foley still claims to suffer from are dry eyes, exhaustion, dizziness, migraines, ongoing anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. In total, three pages of injuries and disabilities were listed in court documents.

Now Foley wants the school to compensate for the lost income he would’ve otherwise earned as well as the out-of-pocket medical expenses for his past and ongoing medical treatments.

Knox Grammar, for its part, conceded it had been negligent in not securing the lockers properly.

However, the private school denies that it failed to provide first aide, and denies “each and every” one of the ongoing disabilities Foley claims were caused by the incident.

The school, which charges up to $34,110 a year, also says it isn’t liable for Foley’s lost earnings over the years, and his medical expenses.

A spokesperson for Knox Grammar told the Daily Mail that “it would be inappropriate to provide comment on this matter as it is currently before the courts.”