NSW Police Are No Longer Investing That Fkd Knox Grammar Chat As Child Abuse Material

Knox Grammar boys vile group chat videos won't be classed as child abuse material

NSW Police has decided the vile content found in an offensive group chat created by Knox Grammar School boys is not considered child abuse material.

The Daily Telegraph uncovered the Discord group chat created by Knox boys on Wednesday. It involved bigotry of pretty much every genre you can think of, including constant comments about wanting to rape children. Even more disturbing were the videos circulated in the chat — some of which reportedly showed boys who appeared under 18 being sexually assaulted.

The Telegraph handed all the material to police, who confirmed they were reviewing it — but it looks like the matter won’t be pursued any longer.

“A review of the provided material has determined that none of the content is classified as child abuse material,” Child Abuse and Sex Crimes squad commander Detective Superintendent Jayne Doherty said in a statement on Friday.

“Again, police will continue to review activity, make inquiries and will work with the school, parents and the eSafety Commissioner in relation to any matters that arise.”

The school’s principal Scott James insists the chat doesn’t reflect the general vibe of Knox Grammar, despite it being live for two years and consisting of 150 former and current students and their mates.

He also stated the images and videos in the group were “doctored” and therefore didn’t require the school to report them under child protection requirements.

The school knew about the chat, called Gang Gang, a month before The Telegraph broke the story. Janet Newton, whose child used to go to Knox Grammar, spoke out about the incident and said the school delayed informing parents about the chat.

“I think the behaviour is abhorrent, but I think that the thing that concerns me the most is the fact that the leadership of the school did not inform parents until they were forced to inform parents,”shetold Today on Friday.

“The school’s motto is Virile Agitur, which is to be strong and courageous, do the manly thing.

“I don’t believe that the leadership are able to be courageous in these situations. They are teaching young people to ‘cover things up, to keep silent’ and that is not courageous.”

Some students were suspended because of the group chat but after reading all the fucked things that were in there I don’t know how this doesn’t amount to more serious action.

How can we solve a problem that the school’s administrators refuse to even acknowledge?

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