KFC Releases Fried Chicken Bucket That Prints Polaroids To Mark 60 Years

If you think you’re above admitting that a bucket of fried chicken with the capability to print digis is THE SINGLE MOST POINTLESS YET GREATEST invention in the history of fast food gimmicks, don’t bother reading on.

Because that’s exactly what KFC Canada has gone and produced to celebrate the chain’s upcoming 60th birthday and, while we acknowledge its randomness, we care not: we’d beg, borrow and steal from The Colonel‘s grave to get our hands on one.
Called the “Memories Bucket”, alls you have to do to get a bucket-generated polaroid is:
1) Take photos on your phone
2) Send photos to the bucket via Bluetooth (love you, technology)
3) Watch them print, as if by magic, from the bottom of your holder of greasy chicken
4) Keep eating chicken
Listen / watch KFC”s explanation of their glorious invention:

Introducing our Memories Bucket – Capture memories made with this limited edition anniversary bucket. Want one? #Happy60KFC

Posted by KFC on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

How do you get your hands on one?

KFC Canada’s Facebook moderators replied to over-excited fatties fans that a “few” of these magic limited-edition buckets will be given away to lucky customers, and to “stay tuned” for more info. 
We’re that tuned it’s ridiculous, KFC.