Katy Perry Just Flung The T-Swift Beef Wide Open & Invited Her To End It

The great poet William Frederick Durst once wrote, “Drama makes the world go around. Does anybody got a problem with that? My business is my business. Who’s guilty, can I get a witness?”

As true today as it was when the Chocolate Starfish first birthed it unto the zeitgeist.
And in the pop music world there is no drama richer, more pure, more life-sustaining than that between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. It is the *kissy fingers* of professional and personal biffs.
The long-simmering feud between the pop megastars stems from a dispute over backup dancers and refuses to yield, even as the pair enjoy stereo meteoric careers and dizzying chart success. It is Ali/Frazier, but instead of trading left hooks in 1971, they’re shoving left sharks up against ‘1989.’ That’s a clumsy reach of a gag but I’m sticking with it, god damn it.
Perry and Swift’s biffo got so hot that Swifty Cent even decided to put pen to paper, reportedly immortalising the rift in the tune ‘Bad Blood‘ from her most recent album (though Taylor herself has steadfastly refused to confirm the subject matter rumours in all media since).
In response, Perry released ‘Swish Swish‘ late last week, setting tongues wagging at the possibility that this was a diss track of ‘Hit ‘Em Up‘-proportions.
Appearing on James Corden‘s perennially popular ‘Carpool Karaoke‘ earlier today, Perry not only tacitly confirmed that the song was indeed about Swift, but that she was also tired of the beef (which she claims Swift and her camp started) and was ready to put it to bed… provided TayTay was too.

“She started it, and it’s time for her to finish it.”

That’s as blunt an assessment of the situation as you’re ever likely to see aired in public. So ah… ball’s in your court, Taylor. Whenever you’re ready, that beef is ready to come off the grill.

Until then, here’s all of us:
There’s something about the way Perry referred to Corden as “Daddy” though… No thanks.

Source: Uproxx.