Katy Perry & Taylor Swift Declare Peace, Ending 6 Years Of Bloody Conflict

It might be best to sit down before reading this, or at the very least hold onto something strong: The brutal, often times bloody, frequently sadistic, and almost always intense feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry is officially over. We made it through to the other side, folks. It’s all done and dusted now.

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Perry and Swift had been biffing in one for or another since around 2013 – meaning it was a stoush that lasted longer than World War I – when a brouhaha over backup dancers turned into a full-on donnybrook that transcended time and space and threatened to tear the entire pop world asunder on a number of occasions.

The short version of the story goes that Swift booked a troupe of backup dancers for her 2013 Red world tour, but had them usurped away when Perry decided to run her own tour that conflicted with Swift’s, forcing some of the dancers to cancel on Taylor and return to Camp Perry.

What followed was a years-long, deeply ugly battle that involved a slew of petty tit-for-tatting – most notably, Swift backflipping on her long-held Spotify boycott by putting her entire discography onto the service the same day Perry released a new album on there.

But now? It’s over, folks. It’s done. The beef is squashed. Peace has been brokered. All is right in the world again.

Perry revealed that Swift formally extended the olive branch via the traditional white flag of her people: A plate of biscuits with “Peace at last” written in frosting.

Perry accompanied the post with the caption “feels good” and tagged Swift. Swift responded by commenting 13 love heart emojis, confirming the ceasefire accord.

Perry and Swift, back on the same page. The war is over. All is finally calm.