The Jonas Brothers Played A Version Of The Bluey Theme Song At Their Brisbane Show

The Jonas Brothers performed an adorable surprise at their show in Brisbane that celebrated the city’s greatest cultural export: Bluey. However, this was no shameless attempt to pander to the Aussies as it turns out Joe, Nick, and Kevin are fans of the blue cartoon dog — and can you blame them??

The band performed at Brisbane’s Entertainment Centre on Tuesday March 6, and to introduce themselves to the the lovely Brisbane audience, the Jonas trio decided to walk on to the Australian national anthem — Bluey‘s theme song.

If you haven’t heard the Bluey theme before, it features a cute riff of notes on a melodica, and then a chorus shouting the name of one of each of the main characters — Mum, Dad, Bingo, Bluey — when the melody pauses.

But instead of shouting the names of the Heeler family, the band swapped in the names Joe, Nick, and Kevin, before finishing with a loud JONAS!

Simple, effective, elegant. This is like being at The Eras Tour and having Taylor Swift sing your favourite track as a secret song.

The sweet moment was captured in the below TikTok which has more than 3.2 million views at the time of publication (and only half are me).

@emilyno.yes This was not on my 2024 bingo card #jonasbrothers #brisbane #jonasbrothersconcert @Jonas Brothers ♬ original sound – emilyno.yes

The clip has more than 600K likes, and features some VERY familiar faces in the comments.

“The collab we needed,” commented Spotify’s official TikTok page.

You’re too right Spotify. You’re too right.

The crowning jewel of course is Joe commenting “FRANKIE” — referring to his younger brother who’s name did not get included in the Bluey theme’s Jonas remix.

The social media team for the ABC children’s cartoon even got in on the fun, posting its thanks to the Jonas Brothers’ shoutout on social media.

Image: @officialblueytv Instagram.

However it gets even sweeter.

During the show, Joe took a moment to go and chat to a random member of the massive crowd.

But it wasn’t just any random Queenslander, it was none other than Joff Bush, the man behind the catchy theme and all the other bangers you hear on Bluey.

After asking his name, Joe asks Joff “what do you do?”

“I wrote the music for Bluey,” Joff replied, to deafening cheers.

Honestly is this a Jonas Brother concert, or a Joff concert?

(Hey Joff, if you are reading, national tour when? I have both your albums on vinyl and my favourite song is “Rainbow”. Okay cool thanks.)

Along with Joff, the other brilliant musical minds behind the award-winning Bluey soundtrack include Jazz D’Arcy, and Daniel O’Brien.

All of whom got to meet Kevin Jonas after the show, and it’s safe to say the adoration was mutual.

Jazz, Kevin, Joff, and Daniel. (Image: Supplied)

As all the members of the boyband have kids, it makes total sense they are all fans of Bluey. Add to it that all of them are the fathers of multiple daughters, and there’s no doubt that Joe, Nick, and Kevin all feel a profound connection to the god-tier dad that is Bandit Heeler.

So what better way to pay tribute to the show they all watch with their kids (and probably on their own too) than with this cute little collab?

The Jonas Brothers tour will continue in Melbourne on March 8 and 9, before taking off to South America and Europe, finishing in Ireland on June 20.