Jon Snow And Andy Samberg Will Be Fierce Tennis Rivals In A New HBO Mockumentary

You know nothing (about how to defend against a well placed drop shot), Jon Snow. Despite HBO not allowing him to trim his magnificent locks whilst Game of Thrones is still on the air, the network is adamant on finding ways to put breakout star Kit Harington‘s spare time to good use. Harington will be starring alongside Lonely Island/Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s very own wide mouthed funny man Andy Samberg in an upcoming one-off mockumentary special centred entirely around the cut throat world of tennis.

The special, entitled 7 Days in Hell, is a play on the rule quirk of Wimbledon/Grand Slam tennis in general that stipulates no time limit for matches and no tie-breaker rule for fifth and final sets, and that a winner is only crowned after they successfully gain a two game advantage in the last. The special revolves around two bitter tennis rivals and a week-long epic tennis game.

Samberg will fill the role of Aaron Williams – a superstar tennis badboy – while Harington will play Charles Lloyd Poole – an Andy Murray-type prodigy and certified truck driver. The epic clash between the two is set to take place at the 2004 Wimbledon tournament.

The special is being written by Girls executive producer Murray Miller, whilst Saturday Night Live and Funny or Die alum Jake Szymanski will direct.

The extended cast is chock full of names you’re bound to recognise too, with Fred Armisen, Lena Dunham, Will Forte, Karen Gillan, Howie Mandel, Michael Sheen, Mary Steenburgen, June Squibb and Soledad O’Brien all confirmed to be among the cast.

Though usually the process of pitching to TV networks can be an arduous, frustrating process, there isn’t a version of the world where I imagine this would’ve been a hard sell.

Samberg and Snow comically launching forehands at each other in an increasingly physically draining marathon battle? Seriously. Even picturing some of the physical comedy Samberg will be able to pull off in game break scenes already has me giggling.

Photo: Bertrand Langlois via Getty Images.