HUGE: A Jon Snow Sequel Series Is In The Works At HBO Despite Our Watch Ending Fkn Years Ago


Gather your steeds, unsheathe your swords and microwave your popcorns because a Game of Thrones Jon Snow sequel series is apparently in the works at HBO. And yes, Kit Harington is tipped to star in it because there would simply be riots in the streets if he didn’t.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, this series would make it seven (yes, seven) Game of Thrones projects in production simultaneously.

One of these is the House of the Dragon prequel series which is set to drop on August 21. It takes place 200 years before the events of the OG series and promises to tell the story of the internal beef of House Targaryen.

Honestly, we’re just Kit Harington is keen to make a return to the GoT small screen for a sequel.

It’s always wholesome AF to hear actors got along well with their studios and co-stars. At least, enough to want to make us a sequel to gobble up.

I see this new sequel as a way to heal from the shitshow that was Game of Thrones season 8 of course…

Seriously, has anyone checked on the season 8 Rotten Tomatoes audience score recently? I have and it’s sitting at a ~strong~ 30%.

In other Game of Thrones news, an artist in Australia used AI to reconstruct our fave characters and the results are truly something to behold.

We also cheekily found out how much the GoT actors were being paid after a spicy internal leak.

If anyone has any tea on how much HBO is offering Kit Harington to return as Jon Snow for the sequel, please hit us up. We’d simply love to know how much our pay brackets differ.

Lastly, if you’re keen to remind yourself of the fabulousness that is the GoT House of the Dragon prequel trailer, you may go forth and do so here.