Andy Samberg Flips Off The Queen In The Full “7 Days In Hell” Trailer

Honestly, if the idea of Andy Samberg dressing like an (even more) coked-up early 90s Andre Agassi to take on Jon Snow with a short pony tail wound so tight you can see the tops of his eyeballs isn’t appealing enough as it is, then maybe this is your chance to close your browser and go have a nice, long sit under a tree and take a few meditative deep breaths.

Or something like that.
The tennis documentary spoof 7 Days in Hell is a mere handful of days away from hitting the air, and HBO have been kind enough to drop a full length trailer in preparation for it.
The new spot gives us a much bigger look at what’s in store, and it’s all magnificent. Samberg flipping off a sassy Queen Elizabeth who responds in kind; Fred Armisen‘s almost perfect British accent; Kit Harington‘s magnificent dull, lifeless eyes; the idea that the Williams family pulled a “reverse Blind Side” and adopted a white child; Lena Dunham putting Samberg in all white denim.
It all looks wonderfully magnificent, TBH.
HBO’s airing it on July 8th. If your usual internet getting places haven’t been nuked by the Government by then, get at it pronto.