The recently voted Sexiest Man Alive and the best James Bond that never was, Idris Elba, has just opened up a bar in London that sounds way, way fancier than anywhere I would ever be let inside.

Elba’s new joint The Parrot, done in collaboration with twin brothers Lee and Nicky Caulfield, is nestled in the Palm Court at London’s Waldorf Hilton and will function as a 60-seat bar and live music venue.

As you can probably tell from lookin’, the bar is very, very tropical-themed, to the extent that the small-plate food offered up by the venue is served up on ‘repurposed seashells’, according to The Spirits Business.

Thanks to a partnership with Aston Martin, the bar purports to be “the first bar in London to offer its own chauffeur-driven car“, with a (you guessed it) Aston Martin ferrying customers to and from the bar. The chauffeur service also allows customers to pre-order food and drinks on their way over.

If propping yourself up on a bar that Idris Elba has also touched isn’t enough of a draw for you, the bar has also said that Elba will be doing surprise DJ sets at the venue from time to time. Yes indeed, he is a DJ.

Image: Getty Images / David M Benett