Our 2018 Sexiest Man Alive, Idris Elba, has been turned into a handcrafted doll. Usually, this is quite the compliment but this doll – it, uh, it doesn’t look very much like the actor.

Maybe if you squint your eyes and look at the doll from far, far away it looks a bit like Elba… sort of… not really – the eyes maybe? Definitely not those creepy eyebrows.

Idris Elba Doll
Credit: Emperis

Go ahead and giggle/snort/chuckle – the internet is tearing apart the doll as we speak.

Emperis, an English handcrafted doll company founded in 2010, are the designers and makers behind the doll. There’s no denying a lot of work goes into these handcrafted mini-mes. As the company writes on their website, they kick things off with sketches and artwork followed by prototypes, clay work, makeup, wigs, and fashion – the whole shebang so perhaps there was just a tad bit of miscommunication between the initial sketch work and final product.

The doll, per Independent UK, cost £850 which equates to about AUD $1500 according to the ol’ Google.

Anywhoo – Twitter is having a bloody laff and a half over this because Doll Elba is bald, his features are – as people have described it – Jafar from Aladdin-likeand it looks more like Montel Williams than him.

Speaking of which, the man himself – the real Elba – lowkey responded to the doll business by posting a picture of Williams to his Twitter account earlier today.

Safe to safe Elba agrees the doll looks nothing like him. Just look at the comments on that tweet.

My fave:

BBC One, goddamn home network of Luther, roasted the doll.

Jesus Christ, it bends.

After a quick suss on the boutique’s website, it appears the doll has either sold out or been removed. When Independent reported on Doll Elba, Emperis’ Facebook page claimed the dolls were selling fast. However, the post has since disappeared.

Weird mini-Elba aside, you can catch the man in the latest little snippet for Luther season five.

Source: Independent
Image: Emperis + BBC One