Idris Elba Goes Full Bond Mode In This Awesome Mashed-Up “Spectre” Trailer

Look, we know everyone’s gone on all sorts of records to deny, misdirect, and otherwise chase people off the idea that Idris Elba could step into some old familiar shoes and be the next big screen James Bond – with people on the record stating that he’s “too street” whatever the hell that means.

But, honestly, it’s so perfect a choice that it’d be criminal for it to not happen at this point.
He’s got everything the Bond checklist desires – statuesque build, smouldering far away gaze, classic good looks, a voice with a certain gravitas, all hidden behind more than just a hint of danger.
Whether or not we actually get to see him as 007 obviously remains to be seen, but for now there’s always the majesty of the internet – where rabid talent and wild fantasy collide.
Vulture have thrown together this glorious mash-up trailer that puts Elba squarely into the upcoming Spectre – Bond’s 24th cinematic adventure.

With footage taken from Luther, The Gunman, Takers, the Spectre trailer itself, and even a Jaguar TV ad, the results are bloody seamless and make you wonder what if.
Or, if nothing else, they give you odd feelings all over because Idris Elba may well be the most handsome bloke on the planet right now.
Seriously. Look at that photo embedded above. If you don’t feel at least a little bit tingly from that, then we sincerely pity your tough, stiffy-less existence.
via Vulture.