We Dropped In On Idris Elba’s DJ Set In Syd & The Crowd Was Off Chops

As we warned y’all the other dayIdris Elba popped into sunny Sydney last night to drop a huge DJ set at Goodbar. He DJs under the name DJ Big Driis (of course) or occasionally Big Driis the Londoner (incredible), and he focuses almost as much energy into his music as he does his wildly successful TV and film career.
So while Melbourne was enjoying its twee Bon Iver laneway listening party, Sydney was getting monstrously loose with Idris. This has gotta be a notch in the intercity war.
Did you know he’s released four EPs, one mixtape and an album? Well, we wanted to know whether the Sydneysiders who showed up to Idris’ monstah set had a favourite tune of his – or, failing that, knew at least one song from Big Driis?
Turns out… nobody could. But ultimately: who gives a shit? They were there to bump n’ grind to the big house bangers from Stringer Bell himself. And ultimately isn’t that what it’s all about?
We got down there and documented it on our Snapchat – and if you aren’t following us at PEDESTRIAN.TV already then what the hell are you even doing with your life?