Hey Sydney! UberEATS Is Launching In Your Neck Of The Woods Today

Good news, everyone! As of today, New South Wales-based fans of combining laziness with consuming tasty treats no longer have to be savagely envious of their well-fed pals in Melbourne.

This morning marks the launch of precious food delivery service UberEATS in Sydney, making it just the sixth city outside of the US to receive the service.
The service successfully launched in Melbourne back in April, and now the Harbour City gets its tilt at the wheel. The whole thing works via a process that should feel familiar to people by now: local restaurants who don’t ordinarily offer delivery partner with UberEATS, you pick your foods from the app (which is linked to your pre-existing Uber account) and a driver picks that badboy up from the place and delivers it directly to your face.
For its launch day selection, the service already has some 100 food joints to choose from from across the inner city suburban area of Sydney, including fancy fare like hatted and acclaimed eateries Three Blue Ducks and Saké, to more familiar and comforting offerings like Fratelli Fresh, Love Supreme, Butter, or Thievery. What a time to be alive.
The delivery zone is exclusively inner city for the time being, covering an area from “Bondi to Surry Hills, Pyrmont to Newtown, and everywhere in between.”
The good news, for people lucky enough to live in the delivery zone, is that for the initial introductory period, there’s no delivery fee. What the menu says is all you’ll pay. Eventually a flat $5-per-order fee will be charged, but while the service gains a foothold in the area (read: tries to muscle in on competing delivery app’s turf) you won’t pay a cent more than the ticket price.
UberEATS is available daily between 11am and 10pm. You can smash the app on both iOS and Android from your respective app stores.
It’s a bold, beautiful, delicious new world you’re living in today, Sydney. Enjoy it.

Source: Uber.