RONALD COMIN’: Macca’s Delivery Will Hit UberEATS Australia-Wide This Week

Hell’s bloody bells, folks. Your access to hash browns just increased tenfold, meaning as a collective society we all just levelled up our lives.
Melbourne has already been rockin’ it for a sweet few weeks now, but it’s officially time for the rest of Australia to join in the joy: McDonald’s is launching McDelivery nation-wide through UberEATS by the end of the week.
The soft launch in Melbourne at the start of the month involved seven restaurants across the city, but the expanded roll-out will see the number of participating places jump up to a whopping 80, with the Golden Arches partnering with UberEATS to launch their own dedicated delivery service.
In a statement to media, COO of Maccas Australia Shaun Ruming stated that:

“We are excited to bring Australians this new level of convenience through our partnership

with UberEATS. Delivery is one of the top requests we receive in Australia, and with a growing number of

people using UberEATS to get their favourite foods, they are the ideal partner for McDonald’s

as we launch this service.”

Meanwhile, GM of UberEATS Asia Pacific Simon Rossi 

“With UberEATS, you can get the food you want, where you want it, delivered at Uber speed.

We’re thrilled to partner with McDonald’s to give given fans in Australia easy access to their

McDonald’s favourites. We’re

excited to be able to offer local residents even more choice, with more of their favourite

meals available at the touch of a button.”

The delivery service is a full-partnership between the two companies that will see McDonald’s restaurants listed on the app, as well as McDonald’s own dedicated McDelivery platform that operates much in the same way as competing fast food chain delivery services.

The full menu from Ronald’s House of Flavour is being offered for online ordering and delivery, right down to the shimmering glory that is All Day Breakfast. Good Job Hotcakes for dinner, delivered to your door. This is the glorious reality you’re now all facing. It is a time.
The rollout will be complete by the end of the week, but a number of restaurants are already online.
Go fang yr suburb into the store locator and see if your life is about to be blessed with bulk cheesies on demand.
As with all UberEATS orders, the $5 delivery fee applies, but the promise of a bag of life-ruining/saving McMuffins appearing on your door within 15 minutes is absolutely worth that much.
It’s a bold new world we’re all living in now, folks. And frankly, we’re loving it.

Source: Supplied.
Photo: UberEATS.