Macca’s Is Reportedly Coming To UberEATS Soon So Keep Yr Eyes On The Fries


While the plethora of options already available on UberEATS is clearly more than enough to fill any stomach with delicious, tasty treats. But those occasions where you feel like straight-up bashing yourself with food have largely remained the domain of anyone who owns a car and/or anyone who knows someone willing to be suckered into doing a drive thru run for them.
Apparently, however, those dark days are nearly over. The ride-sharing, food-delivery behemoth is reportedly set to land the great white whale of delivery food in Australia: the blessed McDonald’s.
The Golden Arches has been quietly trialling a partnership with UberEATS in around 200 restaurants in Florida since December, and the global fries merchant seemingly has plans to roll it out worldwide, including in both the UK and here in Australia.
McDonald’s previously flirted with home delivery in Australia back in 2013, launching the McDelivery service through Menulog in select restaurants in metropolitan areas. But this new project seems to be a much larger attempt at introducing to-your-door cheeseburgers into the market.
The partnership with Uber seems to be in conjunction with a new app that Maccas is preparing to launch, that’ll also allow diners in-restaurant to order food to their table, and pay for it, right from their smartphone. Kind of like a mobile version of their current touch-screen ordering stations.
The app is being tested in the UK at the moment, but a launch into the Australian market has been confirmed by sources.
Imagine it, folks. A big bag of nuggets delivered directly to your door. It’s the dream. It’s everything we could ever hope for.
Now if only they’d re-launch that goddamned Mulan szechuan dipping sauce at the same time, we’d really be cooking with gas.

Source: AdNews.
Photo: Tim McRae/Getty.